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Can You Predict Market Crashes? Mark Spitznagel Says You Can

The Dao of Capital

Motley Fool recently interviewed Mark Spitznagel, President and CIO of Universa Investments, about the concepts in his recently published book THE DAO OF CAPITAL: Austrian Investing in a Distorted World.

Money Flows–The Ultimate Indicator: Laszlo Birinyi on Why This Beats Technical Analysis


In this article, Wall $treet Hall of Famer Laszlo Birinyi argues that money flows offer the most accurate approach to determining where a stock price is headed.

Diversify Your Income Stream With Portfolio Trading: Jea Yu on Hybridization Trading


Pure day trading is one dimensional, as is pure swing trading and pure trading, argues Jea Yu, co-founder of Undergroundtrader.com and author of The Way of the Trade. “The true optimization of the game is derived by crossing training in all these three skill sets.” In this video, Jea Yu explains how these skills sets can complement each other if their integration is seamless and gradual.

Candlestick Charting Methodology and the Polarity Principle


Jeff Greenblatt, director of Lucas Wave International and author of “Breakthrough Strategies for Predicting Any Market, Second Edition,” address how the polarity principle will be one of most important trading patterns leading to the biggest moves you’ll ever have and covers it from various perspectives.

How Washington-Created Economic Uncertainty Undermines Start-ups and Job Creation

John Dearie is the co-author of Where the Jobs Are: Entrepreneurship and the Soul of the American Economy

Unable to reach agreement regarding acceptable terms for funding government operations beyond the end of fiscal year 2013, Republicans and Democrats in Congress resolved at midnight on September 30th to allow the government of the United States to partially shut down for the first time in seventeen years.  The economic uncertainty associated with the shutdown and […]

The Basics of Point and Figure Charting: Thomas Dorsey on Why Price Trumps Fundamental Analysis


The imbalances in supply and demand–and nothing else–cause prices of stocks to move up and down, according to Thomas Dorsey, author of “Point and Figure Charting, Fourth Edition” and President of Dorsey, Wright & Associates, LLC. In this article, Dorsey examines how point and figure charting helps track the supply and demand better than bar charts.

Controversy Regarding High-Frequency Trading (HFT): Does HFT Lead to Front-Running or Market Manipulation?


In this second article on the controversy surrounding high-frequency trading, Rishi Narang, Founding Principal of Telesis Capital and author of “Inside the Black Box, Second Edition,” addresses another common criticism of HTF–that it results in front‐running investors and market manipulation.

Veteran Options Trader Andrew Keene Discusses the Basics with Newsmax TV


Andrew Keene, a long-time options trader and author of the new book “Keene on the Market” discusses the basic uses of options in an exclusive interview with Newsmax TV.

Arbitrage between an ETF and Its Component Stocks: Ernest Chan on the Cumulative Returns of Arbitrage Between $SPY and the Portfolio of Stocks Constituting $SPY


Index arbitrage trades on the difference in value between a portfolio of stocks constituting an index and the futures on that index. The same concept can be applied to the arbitrage between a portfolio of stocks constituting an ETF and the ETF itself. Ernest Chan, Managing Member of QTS Capital Management, LLC, and author of Algorimic Trading, looks at one year of data from $SPY to determine the cumulative returns of implementing this strategy.

Controversy Regarding High-Frequency Trading (HFT): Does HFT Create Unfair Competition?

HFT Speed

High-frequency trading (HFT) came into the public’s consciousness through controversies surrounding it. In the first of three posts focused on addressing common criticisms of HFT, Rishi Narang, Founding Principal of Telesis Capital and author of “Inside the Black Box, Second Edition,” discusses whether HFT computers create a two‐tiered system where HFTs have a huge advantage over other market players.